Professional Service Provision in
Project Management
Business Analytics


Who Are We:

The Code Black Team consists of consultants with a successful, long term track record of professional service provision to large New Zealand organisations. The team recognised
that there was a need in New Zealand business for a company that could offer project management, accounting and business analysis services, over and above those of traditional contract or consulting organisations. They recognised that several business sectors were so specialised, and fast changing, that clients needed professional assistance that could add value instantly. Accordingly, building long term relationships with clients, and a team with detailed sector and client knowledge, are of paramount importance for Code Black.

What Can We Offer:

The Code Black team continues to provide experienced professionals to many large New Zealand organisations.

Professional Services

From large public and private organisations to small private practices, the Code Black Team can meet the following professional service needs:

·       Project Managers

·       Project Staff

·       Business Analysts

·       Management, Financial & Cost Accountants

Code Black continues to scope, resource and manage projects for a wide range of New Zealand organisations. The Code Black Team prides itself in being able to quickly assess a client’s needs, to be able to provide the resources to meet those needs, and see the project through to a timely and complete conclusion.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Code Black:


The Code Black Team have a long term track record across many complex NZ business sectors, our staff understand the nature, and type, of issues your organisation faces.

Added Value

The Code Black Team seek to add instant value. If we have worked for your organisation before, we seek to supply the same professional, or give a new person an orientation to your business, before they arrive, and at no charge to yourself.

Team Approach

When you hire a Code Black professional, you are in effect hiring the whole team. If at any time during an assignment, a client, or one of our team needs help or advice, a suitable senior member of the Code Black Team is available to assist, at no cost to your organisation.


With over 30 years’ experience in the provision of professional services, the Code Black managers understand the need to get staff selection right, first time.

Accordingly, Code Black has a rigorous selection process, ensuring that only the best professionals are available to clients. We won’t have sent you a pile of CV’s, just one or two resumes of the right professionals to meet your requirements.


Occasionally, within project or assignment, things come ‘out of the blue’, or a client discovers additional work requirements. Code Black only offer experienced contract staff, who are willing & able to handle extra or unexpected requirements.


In the modern business environment, companies with ethics are becoming difficult to find. Code Black believes in completing work quickly & thoroughly. Keeping clients fully informed of work progress, and taking responsibility for services performed.